How to Pick the PERFECT Cage for YOUR bird.

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Hello there, fellow bird friends! Today we’re gonna talk about the best cages for your feathered friends. As a Parrot Expert and trainer I’ve spent a lot of time around cages, so I know a thing or two about what makes a good one.

So, let’s get started!

The reason it is important to have the right size cage is because if Your buddy does not get the space they need, they will get depressed, which can lead to a myriad of problems including plucking. Plucking is the last thing You want Your pretty buddy to do!

The Right Type of Cage comes Down to the Type of Bird You Have, their size, and how much space they actually need.

Let’s start with the little guys, like budgies and parakeets. A big mistake I see People make is get a cage like this.

These little balls of feathers may be small, but they need plenty of space to fly around and stretch their wings. So, forget about those tiny cages you see at the pet store.

For budgies and parakeets, we recommend a cage that’s at least 18 inches wide and 18 inches tall.

If You really don’t have too much space, which is a big reason many people get these guys in the firs place, You can make it work is You have a perch or playground set-up for them either near the cage, or some of the cages come with it built on top.

Make sure The Cage has a few perches and plenty of toys to keep them entertained. Trust me, these guys have a short attention span and get bored easily.

Next up, we have lovebirds, conures, and cockatiels. These birds are a bit bigger, so they need a bit more space to move around. We recommend a cage that’s at least 24 inches wide and 36 inches tall. Don’t forget to include plenty of perches, food and water dishes.

If You are going to keep them in a 18 by 18 cage, make sure You have a perch or playground set-up for them either near the cage, or on top of the cage.

At this point, there are some parrots that might have a similar size, but need more space. For example, Some Conures may be fine with this size, but others like to fly around and need more space. So, You can go for something more like this. Same thing with Quakers and especially with Indian Ringnecks.

Now, let’s talk about the big boys – the African greys, Amazons, and macaws. These birds are like the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s and Dwane the rock Johnsons of the bird world.

They need a lot of space and a lot of toys to keep them happy. We recommend a cage that’s at least 36 inches wide and 48 inches tall. Make sure the bars are strong enough to withstand their powerful beaks and claws.

I would put cockatoos in this category as well. Even though many of them like the Goffins or Bare Eyes are much smaller than the African greys, Amazons, and macaws, they still require a ton of space to be able to move around.

And now, let’s talk about the features that make a good bird cage. First and foremost, it needs to be made of sturdy materials that won’t fall apart after a few days of use. Make sure it has lockable doors to prevent your bird from making a jailbreak. Also make sure it has a removable tray for easy cleaning, because let’s face it, birds are messy creatures. Your cages shouldn’t have any rust on it.

If there is dirt and stains, You can usually power wash them off. This is especially true if You get them second hand or get one from Craigslist. Just think, If I were a bird, would I want to live in cage that has another birds poop in it? Especially if it is from years ago. many of the people who sell the cages on craigslist are people who’s birds died years ago and they haven’t cleaned it and they just let it sit in their garage for years until they decided to finally post it on craigslist. Still, You can find some great steals, just make sure You power hose it, otherwise Your bird will have to live in a cage with a dead birds ancient poop.

Now, let’s talk about the fun stuff – accessories! Birds love toys, so make sure your cage has plenty of them. You can get everything from swings to bells to ladders. Just make sure they’re made of safe materials and don’t have any small parts that your bird can swallow.

And last but not least, we can’t forget about the water and food bowls. Make sure they’re big enough to hold plenty of food and water, and make sure they’re easy to clean. Trust me, birds have a knack for making a mess, especially when it comes to their food.

A huge plus, although not necessary, is a cage with wheels. This makes all the difference with Your cage experience whether You have a big cage, or a small one. It just makes it that much easier to clean around Your cage.

Many people have a cage in the living room and another one in the bedroom or outside. Having extra cages can be costly, but if You get just one on wheels, You can pop that bad boy in any room when You need it.

Well that’s all for now. Keep in mind, when it comes to your feathered friends, bigger is always better. This is just a general guide, and if You can offer a bigger cage or bigger space, please do.

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Chace Emmert
August 13, 2023

I called Valleywide about a month ago asking if I could surrender my green cheek conure. Sadly, they were not getting the attention they deserved. The owner so graciously was willing to take Luna in. This very morning , just shy of a month, they called me to let me know Luna has found a a forever home. I am so grateful for Valleywide taking care of my birdie when I was unable to do so. Thank you.

shrek Wazowski
July 31, 2023

This was a really great place to get to know some birds

Susan Herrera
July 4, 2023

I found myself in a challenging situation with my African Grey after my husband passed away. I called Valleywide Parrot Rescue and Ben was at my house the same day. Not only did he and his mom take amazing care of her, they found her a wonderful new home within a few weeks. Thank you for everything you do!

david robles
June 6, 2023

Ben and his mom were great, we've had an amazing experience, we recommend to go to them if you're looking to adopt a bird, Baby is doing great and Ben is of great help when we have questions s about Baby

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June 5, 2023

This is a wonderful rescue! They are so kind and caring. We were first time bird adopters and Ben spent plenty of time educating us and helping us choose the perfect bird! We're so excited and in love with our new baby.

Melanie Hernandez
May 23, 2023

I was very happy with the male lovebird we got from Ben and was very pleased that he was knowledgeable about knowing how to tell the gender without a DNA test. His name is Diego and we already started training him on our shoulder 😀 Thank you Ben, we love him!

Stacey Dunn
May 21, 2023

They very reasonably priced and very friendly. They are also quite knowledgeable. The rescue is very clean and birds are very well taken care of. I will definitely stay in touch with them and would refer anyone to them.

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