Planning for Your Parrot’s Future: Ensuring a Lifetime of Care and Love


As parrot enthusiasts and caregivers, we share a unique bond with our feathered companions. They brighten our lives, bring joy with their playful antics, and become cherished members of our families. However, as responsible parrot owners, we must also consider their well-being beyond our own lifetimes or in cases of emergencies when we are unable to care for them. This article aims to emphasize the importance of planning for your parrot’s future, particularly when close family members may not be the best caregivers. Instead, we encourage you to consider trusted rescues and sanctuaries as a viable option to ensure your beloved bird finds a new forever home filled with love and care.

The Challenge of Finding Suitable Caregivers

Chico was in a tiny cage for 15 years after his owner passed away and her children “took him in”.

Parrots, with their intelligent and social nature, require dedicated care, love, and attention.

While it may seem ideal to pass the responsibility of caring for your parrot to close family members, this isn’t always the best option.

Often, relatives may lack the desire, expertise, or time to properly care for these wonderful creatures.

Without the necessary knowledge, parrots may not receive the mental and physical stimulation they need, leading to behavioral issues and, ultimately, a diminished quality of life.

In these cases, it is crucial to explore other options that prioritize your parrot’s well-being and happiness.

It is important to build a concrete plan on how to make sure Your Friend is well taken care of when You will not be around especially since often times these emergencies com at the spur of the moment.

The Importance of Researching Rescues and Sanctuaries

Hope’s owner passed away and by the time his body was found, the 4 Macaws he was with died and he was in critical condition.

When family members aren’t the best fit to care for your parrot, turning to reputable rescues and sanctuaries becomes the next logical step.

These organizations are experienced in handling parrots and have dedicated staff members who are passionate about providing the best possible care for them.

Research is key in identifying the right rescue or sanctuary for your parrot.

Look for facilities that are registered as non-profit organizations, have a positive track record, and are endorsed by the avian community.

Check online reviews and engage with fellow parrot owners to get recommendations and insights into different rescue centers’ reputations.

Make sure this is a safe place that does not condone Euthanasia.

They need to have Your birds safety and mental health at the top of their mind

Establishing Contact & Providing Information.

Kiko was left in his owners mobile home for a few months alone being fed only once a week by her son

Once you’ve identified a trustworthy rescue or sanctuary, take the initiative to establish contact with them. Initiate conversations, ask questions about their facilities and how they care for their birds. Share information about your parrot, including their species, age, medical history, dietary preferences, and any special behavioral quirks they might have. This valuable information will help the rescue staff better understand your parrot’s needs and personality, ensuring a smoother transition to their new environment.

Additionally, create a document that includes detailed care instructions for your parrot. Outline their daily routine, favorite toys, dietary requirements, and any specific habits they may have developed with you.

This information will be invaluable in ensuring continuity in their care and helping them adjust to their new surroundings.

Including Instructions on Your Will

Mia & Miguel’s owner passed away and had no friends or family to care for him. His next door neighbors took them for a few days, but did not know how to care for birds.

Preparing a legally valid will is crucial for ensuring your parrot’s future well-being.

Within your will, be sure to include clear and specific instructions regarding where your bird should be sent upon your passing or in case of an emergency.

Outline the contact information and details of the rescue or sanctuary you’ve chosen to take care of your beloved feathered friend.

Keep in mind that a will is a legally binding document, so it is wise to seek the guidance of an attorney experienced in estate planning to ensure that your instructions are carried out according to your wishes and as fast as possible.

It is also a good practice to Leave a note or some sort of instructions on the cage or by the bird just incase someone comes across it and does not know what to do.


As responsible and caring parrot owners, it is our duty to plan for our feathered friends’ futures, especially when close family members may not be the most suitable caregivers. Researching reputable rescues and sanctuaries and establishing contact with them is a crucial step in ensuring a bright future for your parrot. By including instructions in your will, you can rest assured that your beloved bird will find a new forever home filled with love, care, and understanding. Let us pledge to continue cherishing our parrots and ensuring their happiness and well-being, even when we can no longer be there for them.

Throughout this article we included pictures of just a few parrots that have suffered because their owners did not make a plan for them. Many of them were traumatized for life and needed tons of rehabilitation before bouncing back. Make sure Your bird is not going to end up in the same situation.

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Chace Emmert
August 13, 2023

I called Valleywide about a month ago asking if I could surrender my green cheek conure. Sadly, they were not getting the attention they deserved. The owner so graciously was willing to take Luna in. This very morning , just shy of a month, they called me to let me know Luna has found a a forever home. I am so grateful for Valleywide taking care of my birdie when I was unable to do so. Thank you.

shrek Wazowski
July 31, 2023

This was a really great place to get to know some birds

Susan Herrera
July 4, 2023

I found myself in a challenging situation with my African Grey after my husband passed away. I called Valleywide Parrot Rescue and Ben was at my house the same day. Not only did he and his mom take amazing care of her, they found her a wonderful new home within a few weeks. Thank you for everything you do!

david robles
June 6, 2023

Ben and his mom were great, we've had an amazing experience, we recommend to go to them if you're looking to adopt a bird, Baby is doing great and Ben is of great help when we have questions s about Baby

Alison Fifer
June 5, 2023

This is a wonderful rescue! They are so kind and caring. We were first time bird adopters and Ben spent plenty of time educating us and helping us choose the perfect bird! We're so excited and in love with our new baby.

Melanie Hernandez
May 23, 2023

I was very happy with the male lovebird we got from Ben and was very pleased that he was knowledgeable about knowing how to tell the gender without a DNA test. His name is Diego and we already started training him on our shoulder 😀 Thank you Ben, we love him!

Stacey Dunn
May 21, 2023

They very reasonably priced and very friendly. They are also quite knowledgeable. The rescue is very clean and birds are very well taken care of. I will definitely stay in touch with them and would refer anyone to them.

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