Best Parrots When YOU Don’t Have Much Space

Hey there, bird enthusiasts! Have you been looking to adopt some feathery friends into your apartment?

Well, you’re in for a treat because today we have the perfect video lined up for you.

Listen closely, maybe this article will save you from getting in trouble with your HOA or, more probably, a pissed-off neighbor.

Welcome to Valleywide Parrot Rescue, your go-to destination for all things parrots. Today, we’re counting down the top 5 parrots that are perfect for apartment living.

Now, before we jump into the list, let me remind you: all birds make noises, and no parrot is completely silent. So, while we’ve carefully chosen parrots that are generally quieter, keep in mind that they can still make their voices heard. Now, let’s get this party started!

Kicking off our list at number 5, we have parakeets!

These colorful little characters are a fantastic addition to any apartment.

Parakeets, also known as budgies, are known for their playful personalities and ability to entertain.

While they can chirp and chatter, their noise levels are generally manageable, making them a great choice for apartment dwellers.

Moving on to number 4, we have the lovable lovebirds! These pocket-sized parrots may be small, but they sure pack a punch when it comes to personality.

Our rule for lovebirds is if you want them to be a pet, make sure you only get one. Lovebirds are some of the most territorial and vicious parrots out there. However, that side of them only comes out when they are in a pack environment.

If it is always around people or even around other birds, it will be fine, but once you introduce another lovebird, ooooff.

Let’s just say that it can get loud and even sometimes dangerous if the pack is big enough.

Now, at number 3, we have the iconic cockatiels!

These feathered rock stars are renowned for their beautiful crests and delightful whistles.

Cockatiels are incredibly social and love to interact with their human companions.

While they can vocalize and even mimic sounds, they are generally quieter than some other parrot species.

That makes them a perfect pet for a small or even medium sized home.

And here’s a pro tip: if you want to minimize noise levels, opt for a female cockatiel as they tend to be quieter than their male counterparts.

Grabbing the second spot on our list is the stunning Indian ringnecks!

These beautiful parrots come in a variety of vibrant colors and possess an impressive ability to mimic speech.

While they have the potential to be a bit noisier than the previous parrots on our list, they can still adapt well to apartment living if given proper attention and mental stimulation.

And just like with cockatiels, consider opting for a female Indian ringneck as they generally have a quieter disposition.

And now, for the grand finale, the parrot that takes the crown as the best parrot for apartment living is none other than the loquacious quaker parakeet!

Known for their intelligence and incredible talking abilities, these birds bring a whole lot of fun to any apartment.

Now, I have to be honest with you: quakers can be quite vocal and may surprise you with their decibel levels.

Just be prepared for their lively conversations, and trust me, you’ll never feel lonely again!

And there you have it, folks! Our top 5 parrots for apartment living. Remember, while these parrots are generally quieter than some other species, they still make their fair share of noise. So, be considerate of your neighbors and create a loving environment for your feathered friends.

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Chace Emmert
August 13, 2023

I called Valleywide about a month ago asking if I could surrender my green cheek conure. Sadly, they were not getting the attention they deserved. The owner so graciously was willing to take Luna in. This very morning , just shy of a month, they called me to let me know Luna has found a a forever home. I am so grateful for Valleywide taking care of my birdie when I was unable to do so. Thank you.

shrek Wazowski
July 31, 2023

This was a really great place to get to know some birds

Susan Herrera
July 4, 2023

I found myself in a challenging situation with my African Grey after my husband passed away. I called Valleywide Parrot Rescue and Ben was at my house the same day. Not only did he and his mom take amazing care of her, they found her a wonderful new home within a few weeks. Thank you for everything you do!

david robles
June 6, 2023

Ben and his mom were great, we've had an amazing experience, we recommend to go to them if you're looking to adopt a bird, Baby is doing great and Ben is of great help when we have questions s about Baby

Alison Fifer
June 5, 2023

This is a wonderful rescue! They are so kind and caring. We were first time bird adopters and Ben spent plenty of time educating us and helping us choose the perfect bird! We're so excited and in love with our new baby.

Melanie Hernandez
May 23, 2023

I was very happy with the male lovebird we got from Ben and was very pleased that he was knowledgeable about knowing how to tell the gender without a DNA test. His name is Diego and we already started training him on our shoulder 😀 Thank you Ben, we love him!

Stacey Dunn
May 21, 2023

They very reasonably priced and very friendly. They are also quite knowledgeable. The rescue is very clean and birds are very well taken care of. I will definitely stay in touch with them and would refer anyone to them.

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